Charles Mitchell, a Lake Charles Pharmacist: Medication Therapy Management

Posted: November 10, 2014 in Personalized Medication Care, traditional pharmacists

Charles Mitchell, a Lake Charles Pharmacist, is a highly dedicated pharmaceutical professional currently working as a medication therapy manager. A medication therapy manager is essentially an in-house pharmacist. One can hire a medication therapy manager to provide personalized and individual medication services instead of having to travel to a retail pharmacy typically located in a chain drug store. Instead of having to deal with groups of patients and cataloguing vast amounts of data, Charles Mitchell simply deals with one patient at a time in a place of their choosing. He has over 20 years experience in the field of pharmaceuticals and has held various positions within the industry. He has worked as retail pharmacist for a large drug store chain, he has worked as a drug researcher for a government run organization, and he also worked for a pharmaceutical company that specialized in creating new medications for patients. However, none compare to the freedom of being involved in the medication therapy management realm of pharmaceuticals.


Charles Mitchell, a Lake Charles Pharmacist, is an expert pharmacist. His experience and his knowledge in the field have made him an excellent candidate as a medication therapy manager. Medication therapy managers provide personalized medication services to individuals directly rather than at a retail pharmacy. This kind of personalized attention gives the patient undergoing medication therapy a better understanding of the treatment prescribed to them. Charles Mitchell, a Lake Charles Pharmacist and a medication therapy manager, offers a more in depth review of the medication, consultations with health care providers, patient counseling and education, and ongoing care. This type of management can help reduce total cost and implement better outcomes.


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