Charles Mitchell, a Lake Charles Pharmacist – The Life of a Medication Therapy Manager

Posted: November 22, 2014 in Uncategorized

Charles Mitchell, a Lake Charles Pharmacist, is an expert in the realm of pharmaceuticals. Since graduating pharmacy school in 1993 in Louisiana, he immediately began a successful career in the pharmaceutical industry. Not unlike most pharmacy professionals, Charles Mitchell began working in the retail industry first. He was employed by a large drug store chain in order to dispense ordered drugs to patients while logging vast amounts of data entry into the pharmacy system. After his retail job, he received a position within a large pharmaceutical company responsible for developing new drugs for patients with a wide range of medical conditions. It wasn’t until he had gained enough experience that he was able to obtain a position as a researcher for a government funded organization. Now, Charles Mitchell works on his own and as his own boss as a medication therapy manager. He offers personalized medication services anywhere a patient can receive medication. This includes nursing homes, private homes, and even small clinics.

Charles Mitchell, a Lake Charles Pharmacist, is an expert medication therapy manager. His goal is to offer each patient he consults the ability to understand the treatment they are to undergo more easily, to provide professional consult to not only his patients, but their health care providers as well, and to more effectively create positive outcomes for each of his patients. By having the freedom to be hired one patient at a time, Charles Mitchell, a Lake Charles Pharmacist is able to more thoroughly review each of the drugs prescribed to his patients and provide them with more in depth information. This is obviously more helpful than receiving medication from a retail pharmacist who is simply responsible for dispensing the drugs ordered.


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