Charles Mitchell, Lake Charles Pharmacist – Providing Help Where It’s Most Needed

Posted: January 12, 2015 in Personalized Medication Care, traditional pharmacists

Charles Mitchell, Lake Charles pharmacist understands the value of information, particularly when it comes to most effectively managing one’s health. A personal pharmacist, Mitchell understands just how crucial it is to research and choose the medication that will not only best treat a patient’s condition, but that will have the least damaging side effects possible.

Charles Mitchell, Lake Charles pharmacist wants every patient, and every individual, to have the benefit and value of information, particularly when it comes to making an informed choice on which medications will work best to treat and manage their particular conditions. This is why Mitchell strives to empower every client he serves with the most thorough and comprehensive info possible; to equip every person he works with the power of knowledge, giving them the opportunity to make decisions that have the best possible impact on their situation and their health.

Charles Mitchell Lake Charles Pharmacist

Charles Mitchell Lake Charles Pharmacist

Honesty and accountability are very important to Charles Mitchell, Lake Charles pharmacist, which is why he always goes extra lengths to make sure the information he provides his clients is completely accurate and thorough. When it comes to medication, information is more than power, it is everything, which is why Mitchell is adamant in providing the best consult and advice he possible can. An experienced pharmaceutical professional with 20 years under his belt, Mitchell strives to work for every patient, and to commit his full time, energy and enthusiasm to fulfilling every client’s needs as effectively as possible. His true specialty is providing help to people who need it the most.


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