Charles Mitchell, Lake Charles Pharmacist: From Humble Beginnings to Considerable Successes

Posted: January 16, 2015 in Personalized Medication Care, traditional pharmacists

Pharmaceuticals is the realm of expertise of Charles Mitchell, Lake Charles pharmacist, and has been for the past two decades. A pharmacy school graduate and current medication therapy manager, Mitchell has risen from humble professional beginnings to become the considerable industry success he is today.

Mitchell’s rise to the top of his field begins almost immediately after his 1993 graduation from pharmacy school, when he accepted a position within a local chain pharmacy location. This position, which included dispensing medications to a large number of patients while logging in vast amounts of data into the company system, provided Charles Mitchell, Lake Charles pharmacist a strong foundation of industry experience, allowing him not only to get his foot in the professional door, but also the opportunity to obtain the knowledge and insight he would need to one day branch out on his own accord.

Charles Mitchell, Lake Charles pharmacist utilized the five years of retail pharmacy experience he obtained early in his career to get noticed by a large pharmaceutical manufacturer, which hired Mitchell as a drug researcher. As a researcher for the firm, Mitchell was part of a team responsible for the development of a plethora of new drugs, each designed to treat a specific patient condition. The insight he obtained with this manufacturer has proven extremely useful to Mitchell throughout his career as an independent pharmacist, and has helped to underline and enhance the high-quality services he is able to provide patients on a regular basis. Since working in the lab, Mitchell has enjoyed over a decade providing attentive and effective medication therapy management to patients throughout the region.


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