Charles Mitchell, Lake Charles Pharmacist: The Patient Comes First

Posted: January 22, 2015 in Personalized Medication Care, traditional pharmacists

Any healthcare professional, regardless of their position, experience, education or otherwise, should always understand the importance of placing the needs of the patient to the top of their priority list. For Charles Mitchell, Lake Charles pharmacist, putting the patient first has always been his number one objective, and is one of the primary reasons he has become one of the most trusted and respected medication therapy managers in the field.

Medication therapy management involves working directly with individual patients, and their healthcare providers, to devise a more cost-effective and outcome-oriented plan of action when it comes to medication treatment. Charles Mitchell, Lake Charles pharmacist, who has worked in the management field for more than 10 years, takes the time to genuinely listen to each and every patient he works with, in order to devise and implement the best medication therapy plan possible. By both keeping his patients informed of their options, each medication’s use and potential side effects and more, Mitchell is able to play a crucial role in the facilitation of better patient healthcare, and to save them as much money as possible.

Charles Mitchell, Lake Charles pharmacist knows the patient’s needs always come first, and works to meet this objective in every circumstance. He has had the opportunity to work with hundreds of patients throughout his career, and has sought the best and most attentive service possible for every one. As one who fills an important role in a patient’s healthcare process. Mitchell strives for nothing less than the best for all.


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