Charles Mitchell, Lake Charles Pharmacist: More than Just a Pharmacist

Posted: February 28, 2015 in Personalized Medication Care, traditional pharmacists

Charles Mitchell, a Lake Charles Pharmacist, is an extremely successful and motivated professional currently serving in the pharmaceutical industry. Unlike the typical pharmacist that most people find located behind the counter of major drug store chain, he works on a more individualized level for people who hire him personally as a medication therapy manager. In a new age of the pharmaceutical industry, experts and private individuals are becoming more aware of the reoccurring issues that arise from the mismanagement of prescription medications. These problems occur simply because patients are unaware of the effects that their prescribed medications can have on them, and their pharmacist is unavailable to answer any questions they might have to the vast amount work required of them in a retail store environment. Charles Mitchell is no stranger to this environment as he has worked in a retail drug store before. Not only is the pharmacist on staff typically overworked and completely busy completing monotonous tasks, but they typically are the only licensed pharmacists on staff. The person interacting directly with the customer is usually only an assistant who is unable to answer serious medical questions. These facts are what inspired him to pursue a different outlet in the pharmaceutical industry. Now, he is able to answer any questions his patients may have and provide them with a more in depth analysis of their overall treatment plans.

Charles Mitchell Lake Charles Pharmacist

Charles Mitchell Lake Charles Pharmacist

Charles Mitchell, a Lake Charles Pharmacist, is a devoted professional who thoroughly enjoys helping people on an every day basis. Not only is he able to provide the services that any pharmacist can provide, but he can also perform medication therapy reviews, pharmacotherapy consultations, disease management coaching and support, pharmacogenomics applications, anticoagulation management, and many other professional and clinical services. Charles Mitchell, a Lake Charles Pharmacist, wants to help people remain safe when taking prescription medications due to the high number of incidents that occur each year from medication mismanagement. It is estimated by the experts that nearly 1.5 million preventable adverse events occur each year that result in 177 billion dollars in injury and death. These numbers can be reduced by the increase utilization of medication therapy managers.


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