Charles Mitchell, a Lake Charles Pharmacist – A Personal Pharmacist

Posted: March 12, 2015 in Personalized Medication Care, traditional pharmacists

Charles Mitchell, a Lake Charles Pharmacist, is deeply devoted and committed to his career as a professional within the industry of pharmaceuticals. He is currently serving the public as a medication therapy manager and is a welcome part of the new age of the pharmaceutical industry. Instead of having to work behind the counter a major drug store chain or having to work for a government funded corporation, he is able to provide his services directly to the patients who need them in the comfort of their private residence. His services are very personalized and unique to the people being prescribed medication, and he has the freedom to offer a more in depth analysis of the patient’s overall health. Medication therapy management was only recently adopted by a consensus vote by the pharmacy professional in 2004 and was seen as a necessary service to provide the public should they wish it. The knowledge a pharmacist has regarding all types of medications can be invaluable to a person being prescribed medication and better medication management will help the patient understand what exactly they are putting into their bodies. Many health problems occur in the United States that are directly related to the mismanagement of serious prescriptions medications, and a medication therapy manager can greatly help reduce the number of these problems. They also can help a patient receive the best benefits possible from their treatment plan.

Charles Mitchell Lake Charles Pharmacist

Charles Mitchell Lake Charles Pharmacist

Charles Mitchell, a Lake Charles Pharmacist, offers so much more than the typical retail pharmacist working behind the counter of a major drug store chain. Not only is he able to provide all the services of a typical pharmacist, but he is able to provide those services based on the unique individual and within the comfort of that individual’s own private residence. He is typical called to work in homes and nursing homes in order to provide prescription medication and a better understand of the medications to the patient overall. Charles Mitchell, a Lake Charles Pharmacist, understands that many of the deaths related to prescription medications are unfortunate accidents that are caused by a mismanagement of the drug. Over one million of these accidents occur each year and result in billions of dollars spent on injury or even death.


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